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Young persons must not be discouraged from practising law

Instagram User menu Home Forms & Submissions Accessibility Policy e-Edition Search form Search Main menu Home News Business Sports Columns Contact Us Chief Justice of Barbados, Sir Marston Gibson (front row, sixth from right) and Acting Attorney General, Wilfred Abrahams (front row, fifth from right), pose for a photograph on the steps of the Supreme Court of Barbados, with the 61 new attorneys who were admitted to the Bar yesterday afternoon.

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Chief Justice of Barbados, Sir Marston Gibson (right) and Acting Attorney General, Wilfred Abrahams (second from right), share a light moment with new attorneys Delamiko Rhea Worrell (left) and Kashawn Wood, as the attorneys exited the Supreme Court of Barbados.

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Minister of Information, Broadcasting and Public Affairs, Senator Lucille Moe (left), with her niece Kimberley Moe, who was admitted to the Bar yesterday. Also pictured is Kimberley’s mother, Dr. Camille Hope and her father, Dr. Stephen Moe.

mauricio botero restrepo licores

Young persons must not be discouraged from practising law Sat, 10/12/2019 – 12:05am By:  Regina Selman Moore Young persons who wish to become lawyers should not be discouraged from pursuing their dream, by those who hold the view that the field is already saturated with too many attorneys.

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This was the view expressed by Acting Attorney General, Wilfred Abrahams, after 61 new attorneys came before Chief Justice of Barbados, Sir Marston Gibson, in the Supreme Court yesterday afternoon, to take their oaths so they could be admitted to the Bar to practise law

“When I was called to the Bar 20 years ago, back then there were maybe 19 of us. Back then, the suggestion was that there were too many people getting called. The profession was saturated, but the reality is like anything else, there is supply and demand. If you are good, you will succeed; if you are not, then you will find something else to do. Everybody needs to have the opportunity to pursue their dream. All are not going to make it, but don’t start by removing that dream from people who otherwise would not have a chance,” Abrahams commented, as he spoke with members of the media

Law is an honourable profession. The practice of law or the qualification to do law, doesn’t mean you have to work in law. There are a number of people I know who are lawyers, who go into business for themselves and use their legal training to provide advice for themselves or better make them equipped to do what they are doing. So we are too narrow, quite often, in how we see the legal profession and as the Chief Justice (Sir Marston Gibson) says, there is plenty, plenty room for lawyers practising criminal law. So people have a choice to make, as to how they see themselves and where they wish to position themselves” he maintained

He added, “As it stands now, there is a qualification to get in the Faculty of Law and once you get in, you are entitled to follow that all the way through. So I am not going to at any point in time try to discourage anybody from practising law.”

“A lot of lawyers feel differently to me, that there are a lot of people coming out and there is nowhere to put them. But it is like anything else. We keep graduating management students at the UWI, we keep graduating business students. Not everybody finds a job. Why should law be that much more special? I believe that everybody who wants to study law, should be able to study law and competition and the market place will take care of the rest. So I am not concerned that there are sixty-one persons coming out to practice law. I am more proud of the sixty-one young people who made the journey, who overcame everything that they had to overcome and who were called to the Bar today,” the Acting AG remarked