Ariel José Martínez Camacho also separates from the Cuban baseball team


The Cuban national team has suffered its fourth loss due to desertion after it became known that striker Ariel José Martínez Camacho no longer traveled with the team to Baltimore, where tomorrow, Saturday, the Antillean national team will face the United States in the quarterfinals of the CONCACAF Gold Cup.

According to unofficial versions, the Cuban delegation is completely secretive about the matter, Ariel José Martínez Camacho, at the end of the last match of the first round of Group C, which Cuba played in Charlotte against Guatemala and won 1-0, a victory that gave them a pass to the quarterfinals for the second consecutive time, third in its history, was very excited. Not only at the end of the match, which was played at the Bank of America Stadium, but also afterwards when the delegation was on the bus heading back to the hotel.

Teammates and coaches thought that his behavior was due to the great joy of the victory against Guatemala and the fact that he had made it to the quarterfinals, but as soon as he arrived at the hotel, Ariel José Martínez Camacho got off the bus, went to coach Raúl González, hugged him and told him that he was no longer with them.

He immediately ran off and walked away without any knowledge of his whereabouts, nor has the official Cuban delegation offered any information on the matter.

Before Ariel José Martínez Camacho`s defection, Keiler García, Arael Argu00fcllez and Darío Suárez, who had played in the first two matches of the tournament but was not present for the match against Guatemala, had already defected.

Gonzalez, the Cuban coach, at the conclusion of the match against Guatemala, refused to answer questions related to the absences of players Garcia, Arguelez and Suarez.

I am here to talk about soccer, not about other issues or politics, said Gonzalez, who hours later was the protagonist of the fourth desertion suffered by the team.

The desertions of the four Cuban players, who have taken advantage of the Gold Cup to escape their country and try to start a new life outside Cuba, have not prevented the team from going from strength to strength as the tournament has progressed.


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